How to Find Someone’s Criminal Record

There are many ways to investigate someone’s criminal record. You can go to the police station and ask to see if the person you’re searching for has a criminal record on file. You can go to a statewide repository that contains criminal history information that has records updated by various county and municipal courts within the state. These reports are mostly accurate as long as the state requires and updates the records from local courts. You can also higher a private investigator to deliver a very detailed report on whoever it is you’re trying to research. A private investigator will focus on your targeted person and may give you the best report you could possibly obtain, but they are also incredibly pricey and their services may reach into the thousands of dollars.

public record search

One of the simplest ways to search for someone’s criminal records is to go online and use the services of an online public records database. For just a small fee, you can find the criminal records (if there are any) of your family members, friends, lover, potential date, acquaintances or potential online buyers. It’s a lot faster and more convenient than having to travel to several agencies to gather a full report on somebody’s criminal record. The process is very simple. Put in their name or contact number and fill out some extra details to narrow down your search, and you can see if they have any criminal records on file. You can use this information to see if they’ve had any violations with the law, such as disorderly conduct, jail time, drunk-driving, theft, fraud, or other such crimes. Maybe someone you know used to behave very wildly, but has now settled down. Perhaps it’s time you reconnected with some friends and family. Maybe you’d like to know how your ex is doing. There are many ways to use this service as long as you do so lawfully.


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